Where is Kathleen Haley?

Kathleen Haley

Kathleen Haley, a 37 year old woman missing from Newport, Virginia, has not been seen since August 22nd.  Kathleen’s sister, Diane Roman, was the last person to hear from Ms. Haley, speaking with her on the phone on September 1st.  This is very unusual according to their mother, who said that she typically talked to Kathleen at least twice a week. In fact, they had plans for Kathleen to help her mother get her car inspected, but Kathleen never showed up.  After Kathleen’s mother couldn’t locate her at her apartment on the 7th of September, combined with the fact that she had not been heard from in a week now; Kathleen’s mother reported her missing.

It is reported that there were several items missing from Haley’s condo.  However, in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation, the police have not yet released exactly what those items are.  It is known, however, that her dog, a boxer, is missing from the condo.  Haley’s brother in law, Manuel Roman, made a comment regarding the missing items, saying “It’s just stuff you don’t take with you if you’re going on a trip. Stuff you don’t necessarily take anywhere.”

Kathleen Haley

Kathleen’s family portrayed her as leading a private life, not sharing a multitude of details with anyone, and being annoyed by nosy people. Her family could not think of anything that seemed to be bothering her leading up to her disappearance. Kathleen’s car is parked in her driveway, which the family says is very unusual. Manuel Roman stated, “It’s just totally unlike her to not call, to not be on Facebook, to not move her car.”

The family is concerned for her safety, and asking for the public’s help. They are seeking any information, no matter how big or small, regarding her disappearance and/or whereabouts. Roman posed the question, “If you had someone who was missing, wouldn’t you want somebody to come out and say ‘I know this little bit?’”  If you have any information regarding this case, please immediately call the Newport News Police at (757) 247-2500. You can remain anonymous by calling The Crime Line, at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

Spencer Shank, writer for MPAN

Disappearance of Aurora Shoemaker

An 18 year old woman went missing from Kosciusko County in Warsaw, Indiana a week ago today, by the name of Aurora Shoemaker. There is not an abundance of information on this case, due to her abrupt disappearance.

Aurora Shoemaker

The young adult is described as being 5-foot-6, a slender build, short blonde hair, green eyes, and piercings in her lip. She was seen last Thursday at approximately 4:00 P.M. leaving her mobile home at the Acres Mobile Home Park going out for a walk, however, she never returned. The sudden disappearance, coupled with her cell phone going unanswered caused her family to contact the Sheriff’s Department on Sunday to report her missing.

Aurora Shoemaker

Police say that as far as they know, she does not have a history of running away. They are also requesting the public’s help in finding Aurora, so if you know anything about this young woman’s disappearance, please contact the Sheriff’s Department at either their anonymous line 574-372-2494 or their regular line at 574-267-5667.